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1001 Fonts

Download high quality fonts for free

1001 Fonts is a catalog of font sets available online for free. View full description


  • All fonts are free
  • Great font variety sorted by categories
  • Post your own fonts
  • User ratings show each font's popularity


  • Some of the site's ads can be annoying

Very good

1001 Fonts is a catalog of font sets available online for free.

If you're big on graphic design, you probably already know how vital it is to pick a font for your image that is appropriate and complimentary. 1001 Fonts is a great resource for people who want lots of variety to choose from.

1001 Fonts provides over 30 categories of fonts to browse through, most of which were uploaded to the site directly by their creators. Categories include decorative, comic, holiday, handwritten and more. In addition, you can browse fonts by the top rated by users, newest uploads and by other means.

Downloading a font on 1001 Fonts is as simple as clicking a font category and then the corresponding download link once you find one you want to try out. The download will start immediately. Since fonts tend to be small files, the downloads are almost immediate as well.

In addition to offering fonts, 1001 Fonts also has a message board where you can chat with other users, get advice and ask any questions you might have. You can also rate each font if you've signed in. Ratings go toward a font's popularity percentage.

The only real nitpick is a minor one. 1001 Fonts employs advertisements on the top and sidebars, which can get annoying from time to time. An easy way to "block" ads is to install a program like OverApps though, that lets you view your Facebook or Twitter feed instead of seeing the ads.

1001 Fonts has a huge collection of fonts, available for free and easy download.

1001 Fonts

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